Application of laser rangefinder module in UAV


First, it can be used to measure the distance of the target. Due to its high accuracy, this technology is used to measure distances and lengths in real-time applications, including construction surveying, biomedical fields, military applications, industrial manufacturing, and many other applications. When applied to drones, the advantages of the technology are even more significant. Drones can acquire data on specific targets quickly and with high precision to accomplish missions more efficiently.


Secondly, the laser rangefinder module can be used for positioning and navigation of drones. For example, by combining high-precision cameras and other sensors carried by drones, laser rangefinders can provide high-precision three-dimensional terrain data for drone navigation and positioning.


Finally, the laser rangefinder can also be used for drone control and obstacle avoidance. By measuring the distance between the drone and obstacles, the laser rangefinder can help the drone avoid collisions and control its flight path.

In short, the laser rangefinder module has a variety of applications in UAVs, which can improve the performance and safety of UAVs.