High-performance Peripheral Monitor Radar(AESA)

Measure ship dynamics



Our radar can be used to determine the dynamics of ships sailing on the entry channel.

At the same time, the port of call is monitored to accurately know the situation of ships entering and leaving the port, and the ships appearing during the non-entry/exit period can be found and warned as soon as possible.
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Border security



The use of our phased array radar as the core equipment of the border security system, can achieve a real sense of continuous deployment, that is, complete static deployment.

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Fishing port monitoring

●Monitor moving ship targets and assist navigation;
●Continuously track landing personnel on the nearshore surface;
●Prevent illegal elements such as black boats, sand theft, fishing theft, smuggling from entering and engaging in illegal activities;

●Detection and early warning of movement targets in key aquaculture areas;
●Manage coastal security.etc

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Oil safety monitoring



Establishing a petroleum security system is an important task in addressing petroleum security issues.


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Airport monitoring



The airport perimeter area has always been a challenge in the field of airport security due to its large area, complex composition of personnel, scattered monitoring targets, and diverse types of intrusions.

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