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The latest technology provides

high-performance LRF modules



High-performance peripheral protection, early detection and early warning

High performance OEM/ODM laser rangefinder sensor solutions help you innovate for the future.

The JIOPTIC laser rangefinder module has advantages such as high quality, good performance, small size, and low power consumption. With professional knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we provide you with solutions for different measurement distances of 600m-120 kilometers.

The laser wavelength includes 905nm semiconductor laser, 1064nm YGA laser, 1535nm erbium glass laser, and 1570nm OPO laser.

Over the past 10 years, we have provided reliable rangefinder solutions for various types of companies, widely used in the integration of systems such as drones, artillery, aircraft, ships, and thermal imaging. Our strong research capabilities provide you with OEM/ODM customization services. If you need customization, we will be your reliable partner.

In 2023, Active Phased Array Radar (AESA) was released, and the team's self-developed STA-T series surveillance radar products have broken through key technologies such as adaptive clutter processing, dense multi-target detection and tracking, and low-cost miniaturized TR component design. They can be used for monitoring large-scale ground and water scenes, such as border/oilfield/airport perimeter security monitoring, fishing port/bridge/port/waterway monitoring, large-scale factory monitoring, and portable approach reconnaissance.

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