20km Rangefinder Module

STA-D2023Y adopts the 1535nm erbium glass laser module independently developed by Jioptics, which has the characteristics of low power consumption, compact structure, high precision, long measuring distance and human eye safety.

Maximum measuring range: 20000m (2.3m×4.6m Car)     23000 m (Typical target)
Ranging accuracy ±3m
Measurement accuracy ≥ 98%
Weight ≤600g




Features of STA-D2023Y Laser Rangefinder module


Safe and harmless to eyes
Using 1535nm pump Q-switched erbium glass laser,safe for eyes.
High reliability and long service life.


Easy to operate and secondary development
Full duplex RS422 electrical interface,equipped with instruction set and communication protocol,convenient user secondary development.


Exchange optimization
With its very small and ultra-light design and optimized power consumption,the STA-D1721Y is ideal for a variety of handheld devices,weapon mounting applications,portable thermal imaging systems and lightweight sensor suites for use in UAV or UGV.


Large measuring range and high precision
Maximum measuring range ≥ 23km (Typical target)
Measurement range of 2.3m × 4.6m vehicles ≥ 20km(Car)

Ranging accuracy ±3m.High precision,more accurate distance measurement results.
Weight ≤ 600g.


Applications of STA-D2023Y Rangefinder Module




Product features


Integrated design of the whole structure, shock and vibration resistance, the circuit adopts sub-warehouse sealing design, power isolation design, strong electromagnetic compatibility, high reliability, and strong environmental adaptability;
The light path is fully sealed, dustproof and waterproof steam design, the whole process of ultra-clean environment production, can be applied to complex environment, low requirements for the installation environment, strong adaptability;
The internal interface of the circuit adopts the welding wire direct connection process, which is firm and reliable, which can avoid the short circuit or poor contact caused by the loosening, oxidation and water vapor of the connector, and improve the reliability and life of the product.


Product performance index






Operating wavelength

1535nm ±10nm

Ranging range


Ranging capability


 Large target, visibility ≥ 25km


Visibility ≥ 25km, target with 0.3 reflectivity for 2.3m × 4.6m Car


≤ 80%

Ranging accuracy


Accuracy rate


Range resolution


Divergence angle


Ranging frequency






Working power consumption

Average power consumption: ≤ 10W

Standby power consumption


Working temperature


Storage temperature





Structure installation interface

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