2300m Laser Rangefinder Module

STA-M18X uses a 905nm semiconductor eye safety laser with low power consumption, small size and high precision, which is suitable for handheld mobile devices, UAV pods and other equipment integration.

Measuring range:5-2300m
Measuring the Tree≥1800m
Measuring the Deer≥1200m
Measuring accuracy ±1m
Measuring accuracy ≥98%
Weight ≤32 g



STA-M18X Laser Range Finder Module Features


Safe and harmless to eyes
Using 905nm semiconductor laser, safe for eyes.
High reliability and long service life.


Easy operation and secondary development
Adopt TTL interface, equipped with instruction set and communication protocol, which is convenient for users to develop twice.


Exchange Optimization
With its very small size and ultra-light design and optimized power consumption, the STA-M18X is ideal for a variety of handheld devices, portable thermal imaging systems and lightweight sensor kits.


Large measuring range and high precision
Maximum measuring range ≥ 2500m (white wall)
Measuring tree range ≥ 1800m
Distance measurement accuracy ± 1m. High precision, more accurate distance measurement results.
Weight ≤ 32g. Light weight and small size.


Applications of STA-M18X Rangefinder Module



Product features


Integrated design of the whole structure, small size, light weight, high reliability, strong environmental adaptability;
The use of low-power semiconductor lasers and unique algorithms to ensure high operating frequency and long measurement range to achieve accurate measurement;
Using advanced transmitting antenna shaping technology, good beam quality, high coupling efficiency, strong optical axis stability, and good adaptability to severe weather.



Product performance index


Model number STA-M18X
Wave length 905nm
Measuring Range 5-2300m
Measuring the Tree 1800m
Measuring the Deer  1200m
Resolution ±0.1m
Working current ≤180mA
Standby current ≤15mA
Connector  TTL
Signal TTL output
Input voltage 3-5V
 Emission beam 905nm pulsed laser
Beam Divergence 5 mradians / 2.5 mradians (can be customized)
Ranging frequency 1Hz
Power ≤1mW,Eye safety
Ranging mode Pulse mode
Weighs ≤32g
Operating temperature -20º to 55º
Storage temperature -30º to 65º
Size 58.62*32.2*32.2mm
Note:DC 3V power supply, startup instant current ≤2A(millisecond level)



Electrical interface




Mechanical interface