8km Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

The STA-T8LB laser rangefinder binoculars uses 1064nm YAG laser, which has the characteristics of long measurement distance and no need to cooperate with the target.  It is suitable for military observation, distance measurement in the fields of waterway, oil field, etc.

Binocular Magnification: 7X
Maximum range :10000m
Effective range ≥8000m
Measuring accuracy ±0.5m
Operating temperature: -40~+60℃
Weight ≤1kg




Features of STA-T8LB Laser Rangefinder Binoculars


High quality optical system

Magnification: 7X, using multilayer coated optical lens, clear and bright vision.


ND:YAG laser
Using 1064nm Nd:YAG laser, no need to cooperate with the target to achieve remote measurement.
High reliability and long service life.


Signal transmission/interface
Standard RS232 serial interface and mechanical connection port can easily realize signal transmission and realize target positioning with angle measuring instrument.

EXcellent Performance
STA-T6LB laser rangefinder binocular telescope is a collection of modern electronics, optics, laser technology as one of a new generation of military telescope-type rangefinder, with small size, light weight, long range, easy operation, seismic waterproof and other characteristics.

Large measuring range and high precision
Maximum measuring range ≥ 10000m
Effective measuring range ≥ 8000m
Distance measurement accuracy ± 0.5m. High precision and more accurate ranging results.
Weight ≤ 1kg.


Applications of STA-T6LB Laser Rangefinder Binoculars



Product features


Using Nd:YAG laser, wavelength 1.064 microns, effective range ≥ 8000 meters, measurement accuracy ± 0.5 meters;
Remote measurement of targets without cooperation;
With digital distance gating optional;
Equipped with a night aiming crosshair backlight illuminator, even in a completely black environment can easily read;
Ranging function: measuring linear distance, angle, horizontal distance, vertical distance, etc.

Single laser can measure two targets;
81 target data storage, access;
Statistics of laser working number of times;
External RS232 data interface;
All metal structure seismic waterproof;


Main technical parameters


Ranging performance

Minimum ranging


Max ranging


Effective range


Ranging environment


Distance resolution

Under standard visibility weather conditions, for square or circular plane targets with an area of not less than 3×4 meters

Repetition frequency

10 times/minute, continuous work; 20 times/minute in case of emergency, test for 1 minute, rest for 1 minute, and can work continuously.

Distance strobe range

30 -5000 meters can be adjusted continuously, and its accurate data can be displayed in digital form in the eyepiece.

Quasi side rate



±90 degrees, accuracy 0.1 degrees.

Optical properties of binoculars



Field of view

6.5 degrees

Exit pupil diameter

5 mm

Exit pupil distance

20.3 mm


7.79 seconds

Usage performance



Use two 18350 1000mAh,3.7V rechargeable lithium batteries. After the batteries are fully charged, measure the distance at room temperature (25 5℃) for more than 1000 times. During the use of the rangefinder, there is a "battery symbol" on the panel display to show the battery power. When the power is low, charge the battery immediately.

Data interface

Standard RS232 serial interface

Environmental adaptability

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Maximum relative humidity



Fully sealed design, seismic and waterproof

Overall dimensions and weight

Overall dimensions

157×149×64mm (Max)