STA-P8U 5 IN 1 Multi-function Thermal Binoculars

STA-P8U 5-in -1 thermal imaging binoculars integrate various functions such as night vision reconnaissance, laser ranging, positioning and orientation, and have rich target image acquisition methods. It can realize actual combat functions such as viewing and searching under day and night, rain, fog and haze conditions, and position calculation.

Infrared :640×512/12μm
Visible light: CMOS, 1920×1080, 1/2.8
Low light shimmer:CMOS, 800×600, 8 μm
Laser ranging range :50-6000m




Features of STA-P8U 5 IN 1 Multi-function Thermal Binoculars


Infrared reconnaissance range
Vehicle side recognition distance ≥8km, human recognition distance ≥1.8km;

Visible light detection range
Vehicle side identification distance ≥8km, human identification distance ≥4km;

Laser ranging module
Using the ranging module based on fiber laser, the minimum measuring range of the vehicle side is less than 50m, the maximum measuring range is ≥6km;

Visible light through fog
Visibility 3.5km, through optical fog and electronic fog to reach more than 6km of action distance, fog penetration ratio of 1.5;

Beidou positioning accuracy
Better than 5m (CEP), 10m (PE);

Magnetic azimuth Angle measurement accuracy
Magnetic compass azimuth accuracy ≤0.5 (RMS);

Target positioning accuracy
When the observation distance is 2km, the target positioning accuracy is 1.6m (CEP);


Mechanical interface

Standard 1/4 "tripod interface.


Applications of STA-P8U 5 IN 1 Multi-function Thermal Binoculars



Used for day and night observation, identifying terrain, observing targets and shooting effects.



Product features


Set thermal imaging night vision reconnaissance, laser ranging, positioning orientation and other functions in one;
Obtain the target location information through local observation and report it;
Five photosynthetic one, rich target image acquisition methods;
Can realize day and night, rain, fog and haze conditions view search, position calculation,Intelligence and data chain networking, fire control and strike auxiliary positioning and other actual combat functions.
Ranging range:20m-6000m、Wave length:1535nm.


Specifications of STA-P8U 5 IN 1 Multi-function Thermal Binoculars




Infrared thermal imaging

Types of detectors

Uncooled coke plane, 640512,12 μ m


≤40 mK

Infrared lens

70mm f1.15, 6.21°×5.03° ±5%

Observational distance

8km, medium truck side; 1.8km, upright adult

Visible light camera


CMOS, 1920×1080, 1/2.8

Visible light lens

WFOV 61.3°×36.8°, NFOV 3.4°×1.9° ±5%

Observational distance

8km, medium truck side; 4km, upright adult

Low illumination light


CMOS, 800×600, 8 μm


1×10-3 Lux

Camera lens

50mm f1.4, 7.32°×5.5°

Laser ranging


Minimum measuring range 50m, maximum measuring range 6 km; (medium truck, visibility 10 km)

Quasi-side rate

≥ 98%

Positioning orientation

Positioning accuracy

Level of 5m (CEP), elevation of 10m (PE)

The pitch angle error

≤ 0.3° (RMS,@-81°~81°)

Azimuth accuracy

0.5° (RMS, host inclination of 0°)

Laser instructions

Not visible laser

850nm, 30mW

Visible laser

850nm, 30mW


Display type

OLED, 19201080,0.71 ", binocular

Exit pupil diameter


Photo recording


≥ 64G



Standard for USB, RS232

Video monitor 525 Vidicon video out


Physical characteristics


2.3 Kg (with the battery)

Dimensions (LWH)


Rangefinder wavelength



Note: All parameters, body shape, and ranging range can be customized.